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Apart from offering lessons on Trinity Graded Examination and Yamaha Graded Drum Course, tailor-made courses are available to suit different levels and music interests.

When you begin to learn drums, there are different levels to go through based on a succession of grades as follows:

Playing Techniques A (Subject applied to Grade1-3)
Subjects concentrate on playing good time, developing speed and dexterity, limb motion, economy of motion, body balance, limbs co-ordination and eliminating bad habits, as well as basic rudiments and their application.

Playing Techniques B (Subject applied to Grade 4-6)
A continuation of technique A, with emphasis on intermediate coordination, application of rudiments and snare drum solos.

Playing Techniques C (Subject applied to Grade 7-8)
A continuation of technique B, with emphasis on advanced coordination, advanced rudiments and their application.

Ensemble Techniques (Applied to all levels)
Subjects deal with the techniques commonly used by drummers in ensemble playing. The focus is on playing rhythmic figures, chart interpretation, form and authentic approach to play drums in different musical styles.  Play-along materials will be used during the lessons.

Reading (Applied to all levels)
This begins with time signature studies, counting and subdivision exercises, note value relationships, drum set interpretation of rhythms in different musical styles and chart reading.



Whatever your musical taste is, there are a variety of music styles for you to choose to learn:

Pop Drumming (Applied to all levels)
Lessons using song transcriptions of different pop music, from Brit. Pop, J-pop etc. canto-pop can be provided upon student’s request.

Rock Drumming (Applied to all levels)
Focuses on the attitude and techniques of playing rock music.  Analyse major rock drummers through listening and transcriptions.

Funk Drumming (Applied to Grade 3-8)
To play from classic to contemporary funk grooves, with emphasis on grooving with the band, warm-ups, and coordination exercises as they apply to funk drumming.

Jazz Drumming (Applied to Grade 5-8)
This subject explores many coordination exercises, jazz phrases, using drum charts and minus-drums to gain the ability to swinging with the band.

Latin Drumming A (Applied to Grade 5-8)
Subject covers the basic Afro-Cuban and Brazilian music styles. The lesson begins by concentrating on learning the popular Brazilian samba rhythms at the drum set (e.g. Bossa Nova, Baion, etc.)

Latin Drumming B  (Applied to Grade 6-8)
A continuation of Latin A, this focuses on playing Afro-Cuban rhythms at the drum set (e.g. Cha-cha-cha, mambo, Songo, etc.)

Afro-Pop Drumming (Applied to Grade 5-8)
Subject covers the basic Reggae style, (e.g. one drop, four drop, etc.)


Drum lessons are conducted in my fully-equipped and good sounding studio which is just 3 minutes’ walk from Jordan MTR station. In this quiet and comfortable facility, I conduct one-on-one tutoring in the basics of drum playing, starting with basic rhythm structures – learning coordination and sound, to understanding the different music styles, be it pop, J-Pop, Funk, Rock, Jazz, Reggae or Latin, etc.

After 10 lessons, students are able to play simple grooves and fills.  After 15 lessons, they can drum along with some cool songs.  Before too long, they will be competent enough to be able to participate in jamming sessions with other musicians.

How far they get and how many music styles they learn is purely up to each individual, and their passion and interest.

Most of all, they will have a lot of fun.

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